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Snare Microphone

Shure PGA56 Tom/Snare Microphone PGA 56 New! PG ALTA


New Snare/Tom Drum Microphone w/Clip. Great Percussion Mic. Shock Mount. Dynamic


Shure Beta 56A XLR microphone (for instruments, snare, tom) dynamic mic


Audix F2 Dynamic Drum Microphone Tom/Snare w/ Clip Hypercardioid Hand Percussion


Digital Reference DRST100 Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone Audio Technica


MXL A5s Dynamic Snare Drum Microphone with Mounting Clip. Mint




May Microphone System : May Sennheiser Snare/Rack/Floor Tom - DSMA604SDRF


Miktek PM10 Dynamic Drum Microphone w/ Clip and Clamp Snare/Tom Rim Mount


Shure PGA98D-XLR Drum Snare Floor Tom Recording Performance Microphone w/ Cable


Shure PG56 Tom/Snare Dynamic Drum Microphone NEW


NOS Peavey PVM 325 Dynamic Super Cardioid Snare Microphone Kit 493150 - New!


Overhead Drum Kit Cymbal Snare Condenser Microphone for Home Recording CAD CM217


Audix D1 Dynamic Instrument Microphone Snare,Tom, Guitar Cabinet


NEW Digital Reference DRST100 Dynamic Snare Drum, Tom, Electric Guitar Instr Mic


NEW SHURE SM57 DYNAMIC MICROPHONE drum tom snare hi-hat guitar amp mic *


Avantone ADM Dynamic Snare Drum Microphone


Audix I5 Dynamic Cardioid Mic Instrument Microphone I-5 Snare NOB


7 Microphone Drum Kit Mic Set Snare, Bass Kick, Toms, Overhead


Shure PG Alta PGA56 Snare/Tom Microphone w/ Clip - PGAlta PGA 56 LC


Sennheiser e604 Tom/Snare Drum Microphone 3-Pack E-604 Mic w/ Mounts NEW!


Set of 3 CAD TSM411 Dynamic Tom/Snare Microphones TSM 411 w/ Clips Heavy Duty


set of 4 mics, 3 x OSP Tom Drum Microphone & 1 x Neewer Snare Drum Mic excellent


7-Piece Drum Microphone Mic Kit Bass Snare 3x Tom 2x Overhead w/ Mounts


Shure BETA 56A Supercardioid Swivel-Mount/Stand-Held Snare/Tom Microphone


1 AKG D112 Kick Mic & 4 AKG D440 with clips for Tom / Snare mic set very good


3 Nady DM70 Dynamic Drum Microphones w/ Audix DFlex Rim Clamps Clips Tom Snare


CAD Audio Drum Mic Set with 2 D29 Toms & 1 D19 Snare Microphone


Audix DP Quad Drum Microphone Kit i5, D6, 2 ADX-51 Bass, Snare, Overheads


7pc Drum Mic Microphone Wired Drum Kit For Bass/Tom/Snare/Overhead +Mounts


CAD - Stage 7 - Drum Pack Snare, Kick, 3x Tom, 2x Overhead


Earthworks DM20 Drum Microphone for tom or snare miking | Atlas Pro Audio


Samson DK705 Drum Microphone Kit-(1) Q71 Kick Mic+(4) Q72 Snare/Tom Mics+Mounts


Audio Technica ATM650 Guitar/Snare/Percussion Instrument Microphone+Stand w/Boom


Samson DK707 Drum Microphone Kit-1) Q71 Kick+4) Q72 Snare/Tom+2) C02 Pencil Mics


Cisno 7 Piece Drum Mic Microphone Kit For Bass/ Tom /Snare/ Overhead w/ Mounts


Audio Technica ATM650 Dynamic Guitar/Snare/Percussion Instrument Microphone Mic


B-stock KAM ST2 Snare, Tom, drum, guitar cab. mic wider response than beta 56


Audio Technica ATM650 Guitar/Snare/Percussion Instrument Microphone+Boom+Cable


Miktek PM10 - Snare/Tom Microphone


Avnatone ADM Snare Microphone with Pro Klamp In Case


7 Pc. Drum Microphone Mic Kit Set For Bass Drum, Snare, Toms, Cymbal, High Hat