iPhone 5 Skins

Step 1)   Remove the skin from the packaging by sliding the sleeve off and removing the back insert.

Step 2)   Clean the back surface of the iPhone of any dirt and fingerprints. Use a soft cloth dampened with water or rubbing alcohol.

Step 3)   Insert your iPhone into the installation frame with the power and volume buttons lined up with the cutouts in the cardboard. Ensure that the package is pressed against the back of the iPhone all around.

Step 4)   Remove the paper from the back of the skin.

Step 5)   Without letting the skin stick to the back of the iPhone, ensure the top and left edges are pressed up against the installation frame.

Step 6)   Once you are confident that the skin is positioned correctly, adhere it to the iPhone by lightly pressing down on the rest of the skin, moving away from the top left corner to avoid creating any large air bubbles under the skin.

Step 7)   Remove your iPhone from the installation frame and holding the iPhone in your hand, apply pressure all over the skin with your thumbs.

A few important notes:

(1) The installation frame is designed to center the skin on the back of the iPhone. Due to the hand crafted nature of the installation frame, your installation may be slightly off center, within a small tolerance. If you are a bit of a perfectionist as we are, you may opt to manually install your skin without the aid of the installation frame to ensure exact placement.

(2) The skin is adhered to the iPhone with a semi-permanent adhesive which is not repositionable. Once the skin is installed on your iPhone, it is unlikely that you will be able to remove it and reapply it without damaging the skin.

(3) When you are done with the skin and wish to remove it, peel it from the iPhone starting with the top and bottom glass areas where there is a weaker adhesion. A small amount of adhesive residue may be left behind, which can be rubbed off by hand, or with the help of a cloth and rubbing alcohol. We do not recommend stronger solvents for removing residue.

iPhone 4/4S Backs

Step 1)   Turn silent switch on (silent) and power off the iPhone.

Step 2)   Determine if the two screws on the bottom of your iPhone are Phillips (cross) or Pentalobe (five-pointed star). Remove tools from the packaging and insert the appropriate screwdriver into the screwdriver handle.

Step 3)   Carefully unscrew the two screws from the bottom of your iPhone. Take care that the screwdriver is correctly seated in the screw and that you do not lose these screws once removed.

Step 4)   Holding the iPhone with two hands and the back facing you, apply upward pressure to the glass panel with your thumbs. It should slide upwards a millimeter or two.

Step 5)   Remove the glass panel by lifting it away from the iPhone.

Step 6)   Read the important notes below and then follow steps 1-5 in reverse order with your Monolith iPhone back panel.

A few important notes:

(1) Remove any settled dust from the back of the lens cover with the included cotton-tipped swabs.

(2) When reinstalling, be careful to not over tighten the screws. Due to their size, they are relatively fragile and you may strip them if you are not careful.

(3) Before shifting the Monolith iPhone back panel into its final position, verify that all the clips are seated. If necessary, due to any slight curvature in the wood panel, apply downward pressure so that the back panel is flush all around the iPhone. The clips will hold the panel flat once it is in its final position.

iFixit's video tutorial shows the process for removing the original iPhone back panel.